Sunday, June 8, 2008

Paul Bunyan Statue - Bangor Maine

When visiting the Downeast, Bar Harbor, Bangor area of Maine don't get so blinded by the thought of lobster dinners and the beautiful seashore scenery, give a little thought to the history of the area. For example many people don't realize that Bangor was once the lumber capital of the world. Lumber from the Maine woods flowed down the rivers and cities like Bangor became rich. Today little remains to remind visitors of the lumber history but there are some great attractions based on the areas woodsman past.

The first well known example is the Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor across from the new casino building.

Paul Bunyan Statue and Birthplace:
Address: 519 Main St., Bangor, ME
Directions: I-395 exit 3 Main St, just west of the river, north a block or two, on left side opposite the Holiday Inn. Bass Park.
Admission: Free.

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