Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ban the plastic

The water on MDI is great. Some towns have public water from the lakes in Acadia National Park including Eagle Lake, Long Pond and Jordan Pond. Most houses outside the immediate Bar Harbor area have private wells. The water is fine to drink for sure! So was do people walk around $1+ bottles of tap water that were trucked in from who knows where (like Fiji?). I don't know. It makes absolutely no sense and its terrible for the environment. Some people just have to pay for everything or its somehow not good.

If you need to drop a dime to get a drop of water the best deal on the island is over in Southwest Harbor. You can fill up at the outside filling stations in front of Mount Desert Spring Water for 25 cents (YES ONE QUARTER) a GALLON (YES NOT A PINT A GALLON!).

Drive on over to Seal Cove road and fill 'er up!

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