Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mainely Delights - Bass Harbor Maine

Mainely Delights is a little seafood and ice cream place tucked away across the Swan's Island Ferry and Morris Boat Builders in Bass Harbor, ME.

A locals favorite when it opens each summer season. I can't believe I've never tried this place until recently. Probably because it is a bit off the beaten path and with so many seasonal places to sample its hard to get around to all of them.

My son actually went here with a friend before I did. He had a doughboy (fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon) and recommended the place (he's seven).

So we went for lunch. I had a crab cake special. $6.95. Nothing fancy - lettuce, tomato, bun, homemade chips on the side and just about the freshest, best crab cake ever! Very little filler. This was not one of the frozen hockey pucks you might get in Bar Harbor. This was the real McCoy, freshest crabmeat (they pick it down the street), hand formed and not overcooked.

You can get shrimp sandwiches, crabmeat, lobster rolls and even full lobster dinners but I'd try the crabmeat which really is picked in small operations around town.

My son had the chicken fingers side order ($3.95) and ate every last one of them.

They serve desert until 9 pm so go for some ice cream and the famous old fashioned doughboys and doughgirls ($2.00). Fried dough with powder suger and cinnamon or simply powdered sugar.

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