Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mainely Meat BBQ

Maine is not the first place you'd think of for smoked meats but Mainers traditionally worked with smoke as a preservative for preparing fish in the days before refrigeration. But we're not talking smoked fish here, mainly smoked chicken and pork.

My son's karate class recently moved to the Town Hill section of Bar Harbor, right down the street from the Atlantic Brewing Company's Knox Road brewery. Atlantic Brewing is the source of my favorite beer in the world - Bar Harbor Real Ale on tap.

At the brewery you can take a tour of the operation, buy items from their gift shop and even enjoy some tasty smoked meats at Mainely Meat a very laid back, extremely casual dining experience. Most of the seating is located outside under umbrellas so its best experience on a nice warm day.

The meats are all smoked in Mainly Meats huge smoker without a lot of extra favor added. Mainely the smoke favor. So don't expect ribs like you'd get in some chain restaurant where they warm up frozen ribs in a pan of BBQ sauce. Here you can enjoy the subtle smokey flavor and add your own sweet or spicy BBQ sauce to it as you please. Warning: The spicy BBQ sauce is very hot!

The side dishes are outstanding. My wife especially raves about the baked beans which have pieces of hot sausage in it for an extra kick of flavor.

Prices are good. In Bar Harbor if you happen to find baby back ribs on the menu its typically in the $20 plus range. At Mainely Meats the prices are much more reasonable. A half a rack dinner is only $11 and a sample plate (good for two people ) is $14. Plus they have the freshest beer in town.

Don't speed by the entrance. Its at the beginning of Knox Road right near the Town Hill Country store. Parking is in back. Also don't be put off by the number of Hogs or Harley's in the parking lot. The crowd is friendly.

On weekends they have an all you can eat BBQ buffet.

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Tracy said...

Mainley meat is an excellent place to eat. The service is out standing and the staff friendly and informative. Rick, thank you for all the recommendations to the hots spots in Bar habor. Took all your advice and had the best time!!!!