Thursday, March 29, 2007

What are those shiny things up in the sky?

One of the real treats of visiting Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park is laying on your back on Sand Beach and gazing up at the stars. Just bring a flashlight so you can find you way back to the car because in this part of Maine the skys are dark!

In fact Maine has more dark sky than any other state on the East Coast and its just one more thing that makes a visit to Maine so special. People visiting the island from the city are in for a real treat.

Just how dark is it around here? Well, once I parked my car at end of my long driveway. The outside lights of the house were on but by the time I reached the road where I thought I left my car I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. I used my foot to feel for the end of the gravel driveway and the pavement of the road. I turned leftin the direction of my car and ended up walking right past it! Not until I saw the flashing red light of my car alarm could I find the car! Now that is dark!

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