Monday, March 5, 2007

Bar Harbor Brewing Company

Mount Dessert Island is lucky to have two brewers on the island. The Bar Harbor Brewing Company offers its small batch beers in large glass bottles. You can also take a tour of this small brewing operation. The brewer loves to go on fishing trips while the beer is fermenting!

Bar Harbor Brewing Company
Bar Harbor's First & Most Unique Microbrewery

..."Seeming to reaffirm, however, that 1996 would bring new discoveries, we were blessed to find the tiny Bar Harbor Brewing Company in Bar Harbor, Maine. Winning perhaps the most prestigious and competitive category of dry stouts and earning a rare platinum medal in the process, Cadillac Mtn. Stout proved to be the surprise of the competition. A self-described "cottage brewery", Bar Harbor is one of North America's smallest breweries, producing only 260 barrels of bottle-conditioned beer per year.

Run exclusively by husband and wife team Tod and Suzi Foster, with occasional help from a friend, they do everything themselves, from brewing to labeling to delivery. In the tradition of classic Bavarian brewers, they control their product until it is dropped at their customer's door. This assures the ultimate level of quality control as well as direct consumer feedback, a fact that they believe is key to their success. An inspiration to other small brewers, their beers can be found on the Maine shore and are a must for those visiting nearby Acadia National Park."

Charles Laverick
All About Beer Magazine
Buyer's Guide No. 6
March 1996

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