Monday, December 10, 2007

Moose Crossing Southwest Harbor

The Moose Crossing is the latest incarnation to inhabit the former Deacon Seat Restaurant. It was then the Hot Dog place with their selection of over 100 hot dogs and then Maddies Dinner. Its all the same people running the new Moose Crossing or at least some of the people and their new loves. What hasn't changed is the poor service and lousy food.

We recently gave the new incarnation a try and were extremely disappointed. At first glance we had high hopes. The renovation was great. Warm and inviting. The menu looked promising with its cute Moose items. But the wait staff was over worked and unattentive. The bar service was poor - mixing up white wine with rose. But mostly the food was subpar. Everything took forever to be served and when it was it was obviously from out of the freezer bag. One appetizer was a plate of cold greasey soggy fries with cheese poured on top. A "Ruben dip" was good but came with four crackers. The Asian salad was a small amount of lettuce with chow mein noddles sprinkled on top.

The Jerk chicken wrap was manufactured chicken chunks (Costco?) and the Philly Cheese steak was made of mystery meat manufactured "steak" chunks (Costco again?) on a fococia bun. How hard is it to at least have a bulkie roll and some minute steaks and cheese whiz?

We didn't stay around for the happening bar scene but from what we've heard its a bunch of local drunks who get their load on and then start fighting. Quite the problem on a small island where everyones history intersets with each other - Hey you left my sister at the prom back in 1985! I'll get you for that. etc etc.

Its too bad. The area could use a decent place that served good honest pub food. Maybe if the chef decides not to be so lazy and relied less on the freezer and more on fresh ingredients it could be better.

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