Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sips - Southwest Harbor

I overlooked Sips in Southwest Harbor when it first openned. As a local I chalked it up as another place targeting the tourists. But on a recent visit for a late breakfast I've decided that is an all around great place for locals and people from away.

Outside Sips looks terrible. Like many of the buildings in Southwest Harbor, practical vinal siding has replaced much of the original wooden exteriors of the downtown buildings, details have been removed, all leading to a less then presentable downtown at least in the eyes of tourists used to "New England" tourist towns glitz up to their former or even created glory.

But anyway, wander inside and you're in for a treat. Sips cosy interior looks like something you'd find in New York or Boston. From the looks of things you might expect to be paying Starbucks prices for coffee, bagels etc but remember this is Southwest Harbor not Bar Harbor so the prices are surpisingly reasonable. I had an excellent bagel, egg and bacon sandwich and it was under $3.50.

Great coffee, bagels and cosy interior what's not to love in Southwest Harbor?


A new addition to Southwest Harbor is brought to you by Sawyer's Specialties Wine & Cheese - this wine bar style restaurant serves wine friendly small plates of innovative creations including salads, cheese & olive plates, bruschetta, seafood crepes, desserts and more. A nice selection of wines by the bottle or glass. Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

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