Friday, February 2, 2007

Geddy's - Always Good

This time of year not much is open in Bar Harbor but Geddy's restaurant is always handy for locals and tourists alike. Getty's pub menu is reasonably priced especially among tourist priced restaurants in town and the menu ranges from excellent burgers to brick oven pizza, pasta dishes and even great Mexican items. And of course seafood including lobsters out of the tank. Everything is surprisingly good and the meals are consistant. I've never had a bad meal at Getty's and this Insider eats there a lot!

Geddy's is great for the whole family. Kids get special prizes and their dinners are served on a free frisbee. Can't beat it!

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m&c thibodeau said...

Whenever we come to visit from New Mexico we always make sure to stop in at Geddy's for the "Island Special" which includes clam chowder, lobster, and bluberry pie. Something new we tried was "the volcano" a great mixed drink that comes in a bowl with a 180 proof flame and a few straws. Make sure you you go downstairs and check out some of the funniest t-shirts you will ever see or wear!